The team of Spedition Meurer

Our experienced team will gladly advise you in all matters related to your move and concerns.

Centrally located in Germany, Spedition Meurer has a well-developed network in logistics and organization. Spedition Meurer is a traditional company founded in 1886.

Our name and our long-standing existence, we have worked out daily and prove it today, day after day, because we remain true to our principles:

  • First-class education, profound experience
  • Strict compliance with our business standards, which among others
  • reliability
  • speed
  • thoroughness
  • Fairness to our customers
  • Flexibility and adaptability

We are happy to pass on our experience and look forward to your contact.

Spedition Rudolf Meurer - Hans-Jürgen Weber

Hans-Jürgen Weber

Executive director

Special removals / Relocation nation and international


phone  +49 6402 80975-18

mobile   +49 151 17371061


Spedition Rudolf Meurer - Harry Rodriguez Vorreau - Geschäftsführung

Harry Rodriguez Vorreau

Executive director

Special removals / Relocation nation and international


phone 06402 80975-70

mobile   0151 17371070

Spedition Rudolf Meurer - Charlotte Vorreau-Weber

Charlotte Vorreau-Weber

Authorized Representative


phone 06402 80975-60

mobile  0151 17371060


Spedition Rudolf Meurer - Marco Zoll - Disposition

Marco Zoll

Lead disposition


phone 06402 80975-30

mobile   0151 17371055


Benjamin Zidek - Spedition Meurer

BEnjamin Zidek



phone 06402 80975-25

mobile   0176 47134122

Spedition Rudolf Meurer - Meike Stoll - Buchhaltung

Meike Dorothee Stoll

Head of Accounting


phone 06402 80975-15


Spedition Meurer - Helene Zorn-Lehmann

Helene Zorn-Lehmann

Accounting and settlement


phone 06402 80975-10


Spedition Meurer - Helene Zorn-Lehmann

Dana Möll



phone 06402 80975-14


Spedition Rudolf Meurer - Stefan Lieberum

Stefan lieberum



phone 06402 80975-22


Spedition Rudolf Meurer -Nachwuchskräfte an Bord

Lina Charlotte WEBER

Approaching CEO


phone 06402 80975-60