Special relocations

Sensitive, big goods – retirement homes – antiques – book archives – telephone systems and much more

We move your heavy and sensitive goods safely to its final destination – supported by the most modern vehicle fleet and high-tech tools, such as stair climbers, lifts, etc. 
In the following you will find a small selection of topics. If you would like to transport a different kind of special good, please get in contact with us.

Spedition Meurer in Hungen/Germany  - special removal

Some examples of our carried out specialty relocations:

Relocation of a retirement home

Moving a retirement home is a challenge for every forwarding agent. 
This is not a “normal” relocation, as it requires special attention to the people.
Not only have all relocation goods to be packed and unpacked again in the correct room at the destination on one day. But also special attention has to be paid to the psyche and anxieties of elderly people, to whom such a relocation poses an enormous change in their daily routine.


Next to through planning the following tasks are required:

  • Examining the old as well as the new home
  • Supporting the residents in packing their personal belongings
  • Marking and labelling the cartons and containers
  • Close, friendly and personal contact with the residents
  • Relocation within one day, including packing and unpacking
  • Helping with arranging of the new habitation, so the residents can immediately feel at home again,
    as they are removed from their familiar environment


In August 2008, Spedition Meurer organized the relocation of a retirement home. The Heinrich-Schleich-Heim in Frankfurt Fechenheim had to be closed temporarily due to renovations, 120 residents moved to Offenbach/Main. 
A master piece of precise planning and execution from Spedition Meurer – which impressed the customer as well as the residents.

Relocation of telephone systems

In the area of telecommunication our clients expect immediate availability. This holds especially true during a relocation as the telephone system is not ready for use during the process.
The safe transport from the old to the new office is there just a necessary minor matter. The significant part is the qualified dismantling and carefully thought out reconstruction of the system at the new location.


Therefore we guarantee:

  • Professional deinstallation of the system
  • Transport of telephone system and terminals
  • Installation of the whole system at new location
  • Extension and configuration of the system
  • Cabling and connection of all substations

Our flexibility allows you to schedule the relocation for times with lower communication frequency.
This is often the weekend for commercial customers. 

Relocation of antiques

What’s the use of the best insurance in case of damage? It may provide monetary compensation – but the valuable good is lost. That is why precious goods have to be packaged perfectly for a relocation. We only put experienced employees in charge of that, who know exactly what to do.


It is all about the safe relocation of

  • Antiques
  • Glass
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Ceramics
  • Porcelain
  • And more valuable goods

With the premium packaging service of Spedition Meurer your precious commodity is perfectly protected and in specially trained hands, because we touch everything with “velvet gloves”. This holds true especially for relocations of galleries and museums, but also for transports to art fairs or exhibitions.
In case of deliveries abroad or from abroad back to Germany we know the best ways for antiques or similar goods to be imported or exported legally, thanks to our worldwide connections.


Relocation book archive – books – library

10km of books, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of books have to move. A challenge for every library. Because all books have to be packed, loaded, transported, unpacked at the new location and set up again in the same sort order. 
This is routine work for Spedition Meurer as it is not the first time that we move archives and libraries. A book relocation is hard work! In addition every personnel or archive file has to be in the right place immediately. 
For relocation of books Sedition Meurer uses a special book case on rolls, which measures up to 6m in length and can carry up to 500kg. The book spines will be visible in the case just as they have been in the shelf.


The advantages with the service of Meurer Logistics:

  • Short downtimes
  • Access and lending possible until shortly before relocation
  • Access and lending possible again directly after relocation
  • In case of longer renovation works, lending is possible directly from the book case
  • The system of order can be kept in the book case
  • Optimal protection of the books against weather and shock
  • There is no pressure on files or books

The employees of Spedition Meurer will bring their long-standing relocation experiences to the consultation. We will plan the packing and unpacking system together with the library staff.