Relocation for companies and authorities

Your company relocation – quick, reliable, and flexible

The credo of Spedition Meurer for company relocation states:

  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Modern technology and a sophisticated relocation management
  • Security boxes (lockable file trolleys)

If you would like to have a professional and smooth company relocation, contact us.

Time is money. We are well aware that moving costs a company a lot of money – not the money paid to the forward agency, but the unproductivity of your business during the relocation. That is why we put such emphasis on our mentioned credo.


In detail we approach a commercial relocation as following:

  • Detailed preliminary planning in close cooperation with youDelivery of moving boxes and support for packing
  • Confidential handling of sensitive data/ files
  • Marking and labelling of moving boxes, so that everything gets to the right place
  • Special packaging/ transport of bulky or sensitive transport goods
  • Cleaning and disposal of trash


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