Relocation abroad

Our specialty – relocation via land, ship, or air freight

We organize from Germany every relocation abroad – or from abroad to Germany.
This requires good connections abroad and long-standing experience as every country has specific regulations concerning in- and export, customs, and packaging, which change on a regular basis.
Avoid undesired additional costs thorough a structured and well calculated plan.

Meurer Logistics has been operating since more than 125 years in the following sectors:

  • Customs documents
  • Import regulations
  • Import licenses
  • Special packaging
  • Transport insurance
  • Overland transport in the country of destination
  • Craftsmanship services at destination


There the following modes of transportation:

FCL (Full-Container-Load)

We provide an overseas container for your commodity (or your car). The container is sealed and only opened in your presence at the place of destination.
LCL (Less-Container-Load)
Your shipment is sent in wooden boxes (Liftvan). This is additional cargo and will be shipped overseas in consolidated containers.
RO-RO Shipment (Roll-on/ Roll-off)
This is a car shipment via car carrier.

The following container sizes are available:

20 ft. Container, internal dimensions:

ca. 5,90 m x 2,35 m x 2,39 m, volume: ca. 30 cbm
40 ft. Container, internal dimensions:

ca. 12 m x 2,35 m x 2,39 m, volume: ca. 60 cbm
40 ft. Container High Cube, internal dimensions:

ca. 12 m x 2,35 m x 2,70 m, volume: ca. 70 cbm


Please contact us directly for current information on available countries.

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