Additional Service

Even more services from Spedition Meurer for your relocation.

For us a matter of course.

There are many things to think about before, during, and after the relocation. You are welcome to hand everything to one provider, from the single nail in the wall up to the complete kitchen refurbishment. And you always just have to speak to one person, we are there for you.

Moving boxes and moving material

Moving material includes moving boxes, moving blankets, clothes boxes and fastening straps. We provide these materials, new or used. Moving boxes can be bought or lent with us.

Upon request we also take care of all the packing, because in case of damage the insurance only covers professionally packaged goods. This holds true especially in case of sensitive commodities, such as dishes, paintings, antiques, and valuable furniture.

We offer the following services or provide the following materials:

  • Buying moving boxes at a cheap price
  • Lending of moving boxes
  • Used moving boxes especially cheap
  • Providing moving cases
  • Providing moving blankets
  • Providing clothes boxes and cases

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